Email Marketing Strategies & Tips - Bold & Zesty by Kasey Luck

Bold & Zesty is a blog about email marketing. If you’ve asked yourself questions like:

  • How do I really grow my email list?
  • How can email marketing increase my revenue?
  • What should I send my subscribers to be useful and make them happy?
  • How do I segment my email list to increase revenue?
  • How can I automate email and still be personal with my subscribers?

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When searching for a solution to your business problem it’s easy to get hung up on the “hack-tics” without seeing the big picture OR study a theoretical game plan that sounds great but doesn’t offer any practical steps for implementation.

I believe success requires a comprehensive solution, so I focus on both: the high-level, core strategy for understanding the situation AND actionable, tactical steps for improving your blog & online business.

Who Is Behind Bold & Zesty?

Kasey Luck | email marketing strategist Bold & Zesty is run by Kasey Luck (hi there!) Kasey has worked for the world’s fastest growing venture fund in the world, 500 Startups. At 500 Startups, she took care of email marketing, among other things, and grew the email list by almost 25,000 subscribers in 12 months.

Kasey loves marketing, sales, and growing online businesses. She embraces change, loves adventures and long walks, and occasionally enjoys a coconut latte, even though she’s a tea woman through and through (we are talking 5-7 tea cups a day).

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