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How to Make Money Blogging — Case Study on Jascha Brinkmann. Growtheme, WordPress blog themes

How To Make Money Blogging — Case Study

I came across Growtheme by chance, but it immediately grabbed me. Besides having an awesome design, there was something curious about it. It was clearly a sales page for a product (a WordPress blog theme), but there was no option to buy it. Instead, the only action I could take ...
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How To Optimize Your Thank-You Pages For More Social Shares (plus video walk-through)

How To Optimize Your Thank-You Pages For More Social Shares

You know how most thank-you pages have social share buttons? Something along the lines of, “Thanks for signing up, now please share this with your friends”? You know, this kind: Well, I’ve always been kind of skeptical about how well that call-to-action converts (even though I use it myself). Yeah, ...
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10 Skills An Email Marketing Manager Needs To Succeed

Email marketing is like a headed cabbage. It might seem like a simple concept, but it has many layers. Anyone who wants to become great at email marketing has to understand multiple concepts and juggle many skills at a time. In this post, I’ll walk you through 10 areas of expertise that ...
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4 Welcome Email Mistakes To Avoid. Welcome emails play a vital role in subscriber engagement , but many marketers have one just... "because". You're supposed to have, right? Sure, but there are very strategic things you should attempt to accomplish with welcome emails ...

4 welcome email mistakes to avoid

So I’ve been doing more email marketing consulting recently. I’m always fascinated to see how differently companies approach the same channel. This work has sprung many thoughts and discoveries for me, so I wanted to share them with you hoping that my learnings will be helpful in your work. So, today’s topic is: Welcome emails You have ...
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