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10 Skills An Email Marketing Manager Needs To Succeed

Email marketing is like a headed cabbage. It might seem like a simple concept, but it has many layers. Anyone who wants to become great at email marketing has to understand multiple concepts and juggle many skills at a time. In this post, I’ll walk you through 10 areas of expertise that are essential to ...
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4 Welcome Email Mistakes To Avoid. Welcome emails play a vital role in subscriber engagement , but many marketers have one just... "because". You're supposed to have, right? Sure, but there are very strategic things you should attempt to accomplish with welcome emails ...

4 welcome email mistakes to avoid

So I've been doing more email marketing consulting recently. I'm always fascinated to see how differently companies approach the same channel. This work has sprung many thoughts and discoveries for me, so I wanted to share them with you hoping that my learnings will be helpful in your work. So, today’s topic is: Welcome emails You have one, right? Welcome email is ...
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How to set up filters in Gmail: a short and easy guide. Organize your inbox

How to set up filters in Gmail: a short and easy guide

You know that keeping your bedroom organized and tidy saves you lots of time in the morning. Same with your inbox. Now imagine if items in your bedroom got organized automatically: dirty socks automatically got thrown in the laundry basket, jackets hung in the closet, books neatly piled on the ...
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Email Open Rates: all you need to know. If you want to increase open rates for your email rates, you need to look deeper than subject lines. Open rates depend on a multitude of factors, including email cover ("from" name, preview text and subject line), send time, list quality, and the content that you deliver. Learn how to optimize each of these factors and be on your way to email marketing mastery!

Email open rates: all you need to know

Does this sound familiar? >> You just sent an email to your subscribers, and you’re sitting in your chair, waiting to start hitting the refresh button to watch the open rates roll in... We’ve all been there.  Have you heard about marketers who consistently get 60% email open rate and wondered ...
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